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Awards and Accreditations

Direct Health works in partnership with the CQC to ensure that all of our services meet legislastive requirements and provide the highest possible level of care. Each Branch Location page is linked to the latest published report that you can read in full on the CQC website.

Recognising and awarding those who go one step further in their jobs is so important. It encourages others to do the same, and increases motivation amongst our staff members.

Our Training Team has also been recognised and awarded at the National Care Awards, and a number of staff members and teams have been nominated (and gone on to win) awards.
These include:

North West Home Care Winner: Annette McDougall;
North East Care Co-Ordinator Winner: Jemma Brady;
Finalists for the North West Awards: Carmen Cini, Margaret Kane, Cheryl Leyland, Marie Robinson, Jo Farrell, Jenny Williams, Jo Dakin and Barbara Lawton;
Finalists for the North East Awards: Clare Wilkinson, Rachel Lait.

Yorkshire and Humber Care Co-Ordinator Winner: Tim Hopkinson;
And also for the Unpaid Carer: Judith Gregg; 
East Midlands Home Care Manager Winner: Mesha Moyce;
Finalists for the Yorkshire and Humber Awards: Coleen Bryan, Gwyneth Worrell, Kath Cornwalll;
Finalists for the East Midlands Awards: Leisa Botting, Margaret Prior.

West Midlands Care Team Winners: Benjamin Thompson, Colin Cashmore, Craig Duff;
Dementia Care Winner: Lisa Wright;
Finalists for the West Midlands Awards: Georgina Jones, Laura Brown, Dave Wainwright.

Apprentice of the Year at the Yorkshire Training Partnership Awards: Lindsey Simpson.