Save Our Homecare

13 January 2016

Save Our Homecare Petition!

  Save Our Homecare Petition!

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As you may already know, the UK's crucial homecare support network is facing a crisis. Almost a million people need help to live at home due to age or disability, yet the government continues to put an unbearable squeeze on funding, and consequently these vital frontline services are at risk.

The essential homecare support that we provide is not possible unless it has proper funding. Without these important services, older and disabled people may not get the the help they need, and our already stretched NHS will face even more pressure. Homecare is already chronically under-funded, and a £750m shortfall is predicted in 2016 if action isn't taken NOW. 

We are calling on the UK government to address this issue urgently in the next spending review.

So many of our employees have already signed the petition to save our homecare, but we need your help to make even more progress. Please have your say and save our homecare by signing the petition here and raising awareness of this situation. It will only take a minute of your time and really could make all the difference.

Thank you.