Sheffield Care Worker Assists at Roadside

12 July 2017

Darren Leigh accepts award at Sheffield Branch

  Darren Leigh accepts award at Sheffield Branch

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At 7.00pm, on his way home from his last call of the night, Sheffield Care Worker, Darren Leigh, was driving through Mosborough when he stopped at a car accident. As Darren and other bystanders were trying to help get one of the injured passengers out of a car, he noticed that she expressed having pain in the back of her neck. Taking the initiative, Darren restrained the passenger's head and comforted her, sitting with her until the paramedics arrived. We were later informed that the passenger had a fractured neck and Darren helped to stop her from being paralysed. 

The passenger's grandparent contacted Direct Health to praise Darren and explain what happened.

We are incredibly proud of Darren and his actions - he is a credit to Direct Health.